RAM/SWANA/SWAA 2020 Fall Webinar Series


For the first time, we are excited to announce that all three associations are combining to host a series of webinar sessions in lieu of our normal 2020 fall conferences.
We hope that you will join us!


Save the Dates! Thursdays from September 10th to November 12th at 2 pm
Webinars will last approximately 90 minutes


Webinar Dates and Topics:

Date Title Speakers (Click below for speaker bios)
September  10th,  
2 pm
Emerging End Markets for Problem Plastics Adam Hays, Aqua Poly Equipment Company
Mike Riola, Rehrig Pacific
Jeff Snow, Rehrig Pacific
Beau Sullivan, Rehrig Pacific
The recycling industry is always looking for new end markets to take the mind-boggling amounts of plastic packaging and cumbersome bulky rigid plastics. This webinar will discuss a couple growing uses for this material such as new FDA regulations of recycled content in food packaging and Rehrig Pacific's use of recycled bulky rigid plastic in their new Envirocore cart. Rehrig Pacific will also give a virtual tour of their facility that recycles bulky rigid plastics and ocean plastics.
September 17th,
2 pm
Solid Waste Management Industry Resilience 

Lynn Hoffman, Eureka Recycling
Mike Robinson, Dick’s Sanitation
Scott Moening, Republic Services

Join this webinar for a presentation on responses to the many challenges that Material Recovery Facility operators have encountered in 2020 and lessons learned for preparing for future disasters, pandemics and situations of unrest.
September 24th,
2 pm
The State of Recycling and Solid Waste in Minnesota from the MPCA Commissioner Laura Bishop, MPCA
Assistant Commissioner Kirk Koudelka, MPCA
Peder Sandhei, MPCA
Mark Rust, MPCA
Heidi Kroening, MPCA
MPCA Commissioner Laura Bishop and Assistant Commissioner Kirk Koudelka will discuss solid waste policies and perspectives as well as a 2021 Legislative Preview. Peder Sandhei will present on Minnesota Hauler Licensing including what, where, why, status, value and progress made. Mark Rust and Heidi Kroening will talk about the COVID 19 MPCA Regulatory Flex Process and “PCA Hot Topics” with the MPCA written update. This webinar will finish with a general open mic and Q&A.
October 1st,
2 pm

Batteries: Problem Material of 2020

Bill Keegan, Dem-Con Companies
Shane Thompson, Call2Recycle
Jennifer Volkman, MPCA

This webinar will focus on the issue of batteries in the waste stream. You'll get the latest on battery recycling and safety as well as hear from a MRF operator on their biggest foes: Li batteries. This problem material poses one of the most significant health and safety and operational risks for the recycling industry, so this presentation will share specific operational, educational, and legislative strategies that are helping to mitigate the risk.
October 8th,
2 pm
Chronic Wasting Disease Management Update and Mass Livestock Disposal Challenges

Michelle Carstensen, Minnesota DNR
Lucia Hunt, Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture
Heidi Kroening, MPCA

Participate in this webinar for the latest updates on Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) as well as best practices on livestock disposal from the COVID-19 issues in the supply chain.
October 15th,
2 pm
Supplying Recycled Feedstock for Essential Manufacturing During COVID-19

Jon Gertsmeier, National Sales Director, AMP Robotics
Kris Kaar, Senior Consultant, RRS
Andi Shepherd-Tolzdorf, Director of Public Works, Emmet County Michigan
Michael Timpane, Vice President of Process Optimization and Material Recovery, RRS
Lindsey Walker, Market Development, Commercial Accounts and Recycling Outreach, Emmet County Michigan

Recycling has taken quite a few hits in recent history. After years of exporting our materials to China, quality bans have restricted that end market. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic hits the world and wreaks additional havoc on already strained markets. What has emerged is the fact that recycling is essential not only to the environment, but to our economy. Recycled materials feed recycled-content manufacturing, and by working to develop local end markets, states can see improved job opportunities, reductions in transportation costs, and some insulations against commodity volatility. Join RRS to learn about the state of commodities during COVID-19, how equipment adaptations have enabled more material recovery, and hear examples of successful circular economies. This webinar will discuss the state of commodities during COVID-19, equipment adaptation, resurgence of paper mills and a case study from Emmet County, MI.

October 22nd,
2 pm
Challenges and Solutions in Organics Management

Jake Duame, Specialized Environmental Technologies
Erin Longmore, SMSC Organics Recycling Facility
Bonnie Nord, Waste Wise

In this webinar we will hear from the 2 largest organics processors in the state on the challenges facing their facilities as the demand for food waste composting increases..We will also hear from Waste Wise on their work with casinos to reduce food waste using the software Lean Path, a food waste measurement and analytic tool, and get their food waste reduction best management practices for an array of food related industries. 
October 29th,
2 pm
Sophie Greene, MPCA
James Jacobus, MDH
Helen Goeden, MDH
The Minnesota Department of Health will present a general overview of PFAS toxicity and health effects, including specific steps MDH has taken to understand the transfer of a few specific PFAS from mother to child. In particular this presentation will also discuss areas of missing information and data that impact a toxicologist’s ability to fully assess health risks from PFAS exposures.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will provide background information on per and poly-fluorinated substances (PFAS), including sources of PFAS to the environment, what we know about PFAS toxicity, and results of PFAS monitoring throughout Minnesota. We will then discuss MPCA’s ongoing response to PFAS and our goals for the PFAS Lateral Team. 
November 5th,
2 pm
 Recycling and Disposal of Green Energy Components

Amanda Cotton, MPCA
John Gilkeson, MPCA
Peder Mewis, Clean Grid Alliance
David Shaffer, MNSEIA

The first wave of green energy devices is completing their lifespan while the world increasingly looks to this technology to power the future. As these materials make their way to the waste and recycling streams, how should they be dealt with and how can new devices be made better to decrease the challenge of their disposal?
November 12th,
2 pm
 Direction of the Solid Waste and Recycling Industry

David Biderman, Executive Director and CEO, SWANA National
Cheryl Coleman, Vice President, Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries

2020 has already been a pivotal year for nearly every industry. What will be the lasting effects on the waste and recycling industry from a national standpoint? Hear from national leaders from our industry to discuss the issues such as COVID-19 response, the world of recycling, waste management practices, and social and environmental justice, that are rapidly shaping our essential work.


CEU Info: The RAM/SWANA/SWAA Webinar Series organizers are seeking approval for at least 1 contact hour per webinar towards an MPCA Type II or Type III solid waste landfill operator recertification. 




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